Outdoor Activities for Special Need Children

Activities for Special Need Children: There are so many great outdoor activities that can be done. Here are some fun activities that can be done with special needs children that can potentially help them improve their communication, interaction skills, and cognitive abilities.

Activities for Special Need Children

Activities for Special Need Children


With practice, children who have a hard time sitting still can learn to self-regulate and self-soothe using movement and breathing exercises to calm themselves through yoga. It helps in building self-awareness of the body and also emotional state.

Backyard Water Park

In case your child’s tolerance is low for water, sit them on your lawn and use your fingers and a hose to create different types of sprays for your child to experience. For more active children, you can also have a variety of “water rides” including a small splash pool, the garden sprinkler to run through, beach ball sprinkler, water table, and Geyser Blast Sprinkler.


Creating and looking after flower and vegetable gardens has  long been recognized as being therapeutic and so is now being widely recognized as a tool to help children with special needs develop skills which are necessary to enjoy all the positive results that come with being in nature.

Tent Building

Creating tents using blankets and chairs can really keep the child engrossed for hours and improves concentration skills. This activity can also be made interesting, by placing books and flashlight inside the tent, so that it gives the child a feeling of holiday camping.

Bike Rides

Bikes create great opportunities to go outside, get some exercise and explore new routes. Keep encouraging your child even though it may be challenging for at them at first. Different special needs bikes, trikes, and tandems can be bought.

Make light boxes

A light box is fun and a mesmerizing thing for all children, It also helps to increase the attention spans of children with special needs. Children can spend hours playing with a  light box, exercising their fine motor skills by creating illuminated beautiful patterns and pictures with brightly and colored transparent shapes.  Even better, this homemade version works great in a home or classroom.  Be sure to buy plenty of brightly colored transparent items on hand like decorating rocks, plastic blocks and colored salt.

Encourage special needs children to participate in physical activity during outdoor playtime. Making learning fun will lead to other accomplishments for special needs children. There are plenty of activities your child can do that will keep them entertained.

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