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Treatment for Autism in Dubai: Autism is a developmental disorder of the brain which affects both communication and social skills. Children with Autism generally don’t understand the impulses and thinking of other people. Hence they need a school or center that understands their needs and requirements and provides the best and safest facilities for their growth and development.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai

Treatment for Autism in Dubai

Tender Hearts Arena seeks to improve and develop the communal and cognitive skills of special children .They think of every child as different and unique beings, who deserve the best possible environment to blossom into well developed individuals.

Under the supervision of our expert staff, your children will be able to take part in a number of activities. Each child is given individual attention, in custom built classrooms that are monitored with cameras for recreational activities .

Some of the programs that Tender Hearts offers for kids with Autism are:


The yoga programme at Tender Hearts is aimed at helping children eliminate stress and calm themselves. This is especially important for kids with Autism.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai

Life skills-

Life skills are essential for children with Autism since it helps them live to their fullest potential and function meaningfully in the society. This is what Tender Hearts offers with their Life skills program.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai

Creative Studio:

The creative studio run by Tender Hearts is a great platform for kids to express themselves through drawings, paintings and sketches. It encourages children to overcome self imposed restrictions caused by fears and work with artistic supplies to step out into the world one step at a time.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai


Children with autism need a platform to express themselves freely and this is what the Theatre program at Tender Hearts Arena provide them with. They can reenact their imagination to the fullest and also make new friends.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai


Music helps voice emotions better than any other means of communication. It encourages children with developmental disabilities, as it engages their senses and awakens the confidence in them. It is also serves as an excellent entertainment activity.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai


Through the dance program at Tender Hearts, kids with special needs like Autism can improve their physical coordination and also become self aware at the same time.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai


At Tender Hearts Arena, with our cooking program, Autistic children can learn about kitchen safety, do basic cooking and also understand the concept of nutrition and health.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai

Brain gym-

The brain gym program stimulates brain function with easy-to-do developmental activities and helps in improving the child’s memory, attention, reaction time etc. It builds and enhances their neural pathways and promotes natural learning.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai

Martial Arts-

The martial art activity, provided by Tender Hearts, helps children enhance their social skills, such as interacting with children of their age, as well as helps to enhance their motor skills. The activity also helps them become confident individuals, and focus better, since it also helps in sharpening their memory.

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai

Holiday Camps-

Our camps provide your children with loads of fun-filled opportunities, where your child can interact with children of their age, and participate in various activities, thereby showcasing their talent. There are 5 camps that we offer at Tender Hearts :

Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai

Firstly, the Music and Dance Club, that enhances the cultural skills of children, as well as gives them an opportunity to express their emotions and feelings, through various art forms and it is the best treatment for Autism in Dubai. Secondly, we have the Karate and Creative Studio, which helps children remain fit, as well as encourages them to learn new dance moves, and give a grand finale performance, thereby showcasing their skills  to family and friends. Thirdly, Yoga and Dance consists of a mixture of fun yoga and dance activities, that help you remain fit, as well as enjoy at the same time, you can also showcase your performance to the parents of all kids. The fourth type of camp that we provide, is the Kids Kitchen, which teaches children how to make simple dishes, which they can also try out at home. This camp allows children to explore the world of cooking, as well as have fun at the same time. The fifth camp, that we provide, is the Bits of All Camp, which is basically a culmination of all the camps, that offers activities such as cooking, art and craft, library, physical activity and much more.

These programs help children with special needs, overcome various problems related to social interactions, and help them exhibit their skills, with ultimate confidence. Children learn to express their views and opinions, related to any issue, boldly, and they also learn to focus better, thereby improving their memory skills. These programs slowly but steadily work on the difficulties which hold the kids back and encourage to get involved in activities that result in all round development. Children learn to take small chances and step out of their shell as become more and more confident by engaging in these activities. Tender Hearts Arena is the Best Treatment for Autism in Dubai