Recreation activities for kids in this Summer to Stay Cool

Recreation activities for kids : We’re feeling hot, hot, hot! The season is fully in swing and keeping cool should be the must. Here are few best ways for your special needs children can stay cool this summer. Tender Hearts Arena present you the best Recreation activities for kids below.

Recreation activities for kids

Recreation activities for kids

Water Balloon Toss

Poke few holes in an each water balloon so that the water slowly sprays out and there is no fear of covering ears at the pop of a balloon! Pass the balloons back and forth with a friend or else get a group together to pass the balloons around a circle.   

Indoor Picnic

We can escape the heat and bugs outside by having an indoor picnic. With blankets, pillows and some fun refreshments. For added sensory stimulation and authenticity, hang streamers from the ceiling to pretend like the picnic is under a willow tree.

Toys N Suds

Gather their little plastic toys like cars, trains and blocks to offer them a good scrub outside with soap and water. The cleansing agent water may be re-purposed for slip on slide fun too!

Calming Cool Down

Close the windows turn off the lights make sure the room is dark, Stick some glow star stickers to the ceiling. Lie back enjoy the refreshing “breeze” inside and a starry sky any time of the day. This cool down activity will stimulate calm for the whole family.

Water Painting

Get out the paintbrushes and cups of water to color your hot sidewalks and driveways with nothing but water! Use the paint brushes to cool down with a stroke of water down arms and legs for extra sensory fun.

Ice Cube Melting

One of the Recreation activities for kids is give an ice cubes to kids and see how long they will hold it in their hand while it melts. Instead of hands, place ice cubes in the crook of an arm or behind knees. As the ice melts, it will cool off arms and legs. Freeze little cute prizes inside the ice cubes once the ice cube has melted they will be surprised.

Summer Sun Ice Cream

Yes! create frozen dessert outside throughout the summer. Check out any videos which help you out in the direction for the shake or a  frozen dessert. If frozen dessert isn’t your style, place juice boxes in the  refrigerator for a slushy treat. The making can give fun tactile

Backyard Fun

When the sun sets and the day have cooled down, set up a reading area outside in a lawn with few blankets, hammock, porch swing. Stare at the stars high with your little one, read stories for them by the moonlight or bring an electric lamp  .
Summer is all about fun and family! Spend this summer with the one’s you’re keen on making, taking part in and having fun.


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