Best Special Needs Centre in Dubai – Tender Hearts

Special Needs Children could have mild disabilities or even cognitive and behavioral impairments. It is important for families to be able to send their special needs children to trustworthy and reliable schools rather than home schooling them. Children learn to break out of their fears of socializing and communicate with others, exercise their mind and body and learn to work as a team in such places. Here is why Tender Hearts should be among your top contenders for Special Needs Centre in Dubai

Special Needs Centre in Dubai

Special Needs Centre in Dubai

Tender Hearts Arena has one of the best recreational and regenerative programs in the Middle East region and the , for children with special needs.It developed from the experiences and desires, of parents and families, who want to see their children happy, and make lots of friends. We provide variety of after-school and weekend activities, such as dance, drama, music, and many more, which help your children emerge as confident and independent individuals.

The children can make use of a well stocked library and also custom built classes, all while under the supervision of cameras, ensuring their safety.

Our programs are aimed at helping children build their confidence, and their physical and emotional well beings. As well as making their imagination grow.

  • Life Skill Programs place children in fields, according to their own interests.
  • We also help children increase their participation in various recreation and sports programs.
  • The E-Zone consists of video games, and puzzles, where children can relax, play, make new friends, have fun, as well as celebrate birthday parties, with family and friends.
  • Our Cooking program will help your child gain confidence, learn about kitchen safety and have loads of fun at the same time, making simple dishes with fellow children.
  • The Theater sessions will improve your child self-esteem, find their voices and connect with others too.
  • Our martial arts program is aimed at improving the memory skills of the child while also enhancing his/her motor skills at the same time.
  • Our dance program helps your child to improve posture, and develop coordination skills and self-awareness.
    At the Mom and Toddler club, you come and meet other moms with their children over a coffee and also get to enjoy activities as Sing A Song, dance and story time sessions which are highly interactive.
  • Exercising your muscles and also increasing the blood circulation and body coordination is what our Yoga program aims at.
  • Help your child gain self esteem that would help them succeed in all aspects of life, as well as form positive relationships, with our social skills program.  
  • We also have an interactive creative studio program, that helps kids in expressing their feelings and also in developing their artistic sides.
  • Daily living, personal, social skills and occupational skills are what our life skills curriculum addresses and help them function independently in the society.
  • Our brain gym activities for Special Needs helps your child to learn anything faster and more easily and also be focused and organised. It helps them to wake up the brain without any stress and helps in memory and speed.
  • Your child can express his emotions, at our music club, which is also a powerful means to stimulate their senses, as well as gives opportunities to everyone.
  • Our camp offers your child an opportunity to have fun with themed activities that spark curiosity and artistic exploration, as well as build confidence in their abilities.

Kids with special needs require an environment which is safe and also lets them grow both intellectually and creatively. They also need experts who know exactly how to take  care of them and look after their every need.That is exactly what Tender Hearts Arena aims to provide all children with. With our wide array of programs and activities,from dance, creative studio, music, yoga and even martial arts, your child will be kept occupied and happy at the same time. Join us today and give your child a truly enriching experience at Tender Hearts the best Special Needs Centre in Dubai