Best Places to Live if You have Autism

Autism Education Dubai

Attitudes in Environment

Autism Education Dubai is must If your child has autism, make sure you engage with people or attend counselling sessions who can deal with your feelings,motivate you, and provide a great environment for your child, rather than discouragement, as that would influence your attitude on the child.

Autism Education Dubai

Make sure your child does not spend much time with people, who they feel extremely uncomfortable with. This is very crucial, as it will influence their future behavior with people, in general. Surround your children with people, who they are happy with, in this way it reduces their stress, as well as develops their confidence in interacting with others. Make sure you don’t get influenced by other’s discomfort, as this would impact your child, and increase his stress levels. Just accept people the way they are, thereby ensuring your child lives in a stress-free and relaxed environment.

Sound Factors

Make sure to find out whether your child with autism, is sensitive to particular sounds such as loud music, traffic noises, conversations nearby, television sounds, etc. Immediately minimize these sounds, as it makes your child uneasy, and they start becoming less interactive, and stop maintaining eye-contact, some of them even cover their ears, and start crying. Try to eliminate these noises to the maximum, but don’t eliminate sounds related to people, instead, try to include those sounds in games. For example, a child used to be initially sensitive to his father’s laughter, but once the mother started involving the father’s laughter in games, the child became no longer sensitive, and infact enjoyed it. So. its essential that your child be aware of sounds made by people around him or her.

Autism Education Dubai

Visual Over-Stimulation

In many classrooms abroad, particularly US and UK, the walls are covered with lots of writings and paintings, with the belief that children will learn something, even if they don’t look at the teacher. But this does not work with children having autism. Their eye-contact decreases, because of so many visual-related material, thereby, reducing their competition. If you want your child to learn more, and pay attention in class, then remove such writings from the wall.

Autism Education Dubai

Lighting Systems

Make sure you experiment with different kinds of lighting systems, and observe how your child responds to each one of them. Usually fluorescent lighting systems tend to tire the child, and causes diminished eye-contact, and also impacts the pulsating effect, it’s always advised to follow incandescent lighting system for children with autism. But it’s always better to check the lighting, that suits your child the most.

Autism Education Dubai

Home and Color

If you notice your child paying more attention to bright colors on the walls, or their clothes, try to replace them with dull colors, so that they pay attention to people, rather than the walls or their clothes. You can wear clothes with bright colors, if you want your child to pay attention to you.

Try to create an environment, that is more focused, and not stay in a room that is large, and your child really small. Place toys and other items on top shelves, so that your child will reach out to you, for communication. Introduce a seating arrangement where you use a table of standard height and a Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair, which is adjustable for growing children.

Put a covering on the windows, that allows a good amount of light to enter in, and completely eliminates the view of the outdoors, in order to prevent your child from staring out at the window.

Use padded floor, since it is safe for kids to play, as well as comfortable for you, since you would most of the time on your knees, or on the ground.

Autism Education Dubai


Young adults with autism feel comfortable in workplace environments, that are calm and optimistic, as well as people, who greet and respect them. The staff and colleagues must make sure to engage them in group and learning activities. Ensure that the sensory environment does not affect them in any way. Explain to them about, why a rule exists, and then provide them a written material of the various rules and expectations to be followed, so that they follow them better. Always use positive speech, rather than “don’t” and “stop”. Give positive directions, minimizing the use of don’t and stop, such as, using “Please keep that paper away”, instead of “Don’t give me that paper”. Always wait for a response to a question being asked, otherwise use alternative techniques such as picture exchange. Plan activities such as talent shows, field trips, presentations, well in advance, and discuss on how to include the people with autism in these activities, by planning it out with their family and support team.Also make sure , that none of the autistic people, get bullied, especially in areas of very little supervision.

Autism Education Dubai


Make appropriate arrangements, taking factors such as sensory and motor timing, into account, and also make sure they stay away from sounds of whistles and echoing locker rooms.Give them time to learn a physical activity, according to their own pace, and divide big tasks into small parts, and motivate them, if they perform well. Teach them to be independent, such as allowing them to get the various sports equipment’s, and engaging them in various kinds of activities. The support team can help the autistic children, in performing various actions such as throwing a ball, kick, catch, etc. Also make sure that the children acquire appropriate training from their support team, in locker room behavior, in order to maintain privacy.Also ensure that their peers support them respectfully, as well as interact with them in a fun-filled manner.

Autism Education Dubai