This is the compliation of feedback from all staff and assistants.


When Rohan first started working with our instructors, he spoke infrequently with  communication mostly through gestures. His eye contact was poor and inconsistent.
Rohan was inattentive and would appear to be out of focus, easily distracted by movements outside windows. He would need step-by-step instructions to complete any task.

His movements were slow and rigid. Rohan would show difficulty with lifting his arms.

Socially, he would avoid interactions with peers, preferring one to one classes.


Rohan’s communication skills have improved drastically. He displays increased facial expression with improved eye contact. Rohan will now initiate conversation-using sentences. He is able to follow complex instructions and requires minimal supervision.  Rohan acknowledges the needs of his peers around him, observes other students and allows younger peers to observe his work, without showing signs of annoyance or distress.

He displays increased creativity, initiating drawing and colouring independently and has developed his own style of art.

Rohan has advanced to level 2 in yoga and is able to recall sequence of poses. He frequently acts as leader during the yoga classes with his peers. He shows improved strength and posture.

Recently, Rohan has expressed an interest in Cricket and we have observed that his hand eye coordination is strong. The game helps him improve his mobility and social skills.

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