Products for Special Needs center That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Products for Special Needs center : With few innovative products, life can be even a bit easier to the special needs children. Here are the few products for special needs kids, These products can make children independent and they can take care of themselves.
Special Needs center

Products for Special Needs center

Squatty Potty

Digestive issues and low muscle tone are common among individuals with disabilities, resulting in constipation or straining on the toilet. The Squatty Potty is a footstool that positions the legs at a squatting angle, which opens up the pelvic floor muscles and enables efficient evacuation of the bowels without straining. It may sound far-fetched however, it’s also insured by multiple medical studies.

Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures

Tying shoelaces are frustrating and time-consuming for a kid with fine motor delays. Zubits magnetic shoe closures change the way of putting on or taking off shoes. The two parts of the magnetic clasp are laced onto the shoe once, and then they snap open and closed whenever needed.

Case-It Binder

Few children have a  problem of forgetting to bring home the correct folder or notebook to do his homework. He was also having difficulty carrying a stack of books and folders from class to class. Case it binder would be the great option for special need students. The “Mighty Zip Tab” binder is a color-coded file with a pencil case and a three-ring binder. The whole thing zips closed so that no papers fall out and can be carried in a briefcase. Now the homework always comes home.


Usually, the family spends a lot of time on activities that encourage visual tracking skills, such as pinball and air hockey. It is a simple and highly addictive activity that promotes visual-spatial skills. It is a clear plastic ball with a labyrinth inside. The goal is to move a small ball bearing along the track through the whole maze from beginning to end. Even a small mistake will knock the roller bearing off target, So a person is forced to give the activity full attention while playing. Because everything is contained inside the ball.


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