Special Needs Centres in Dubai | Autism Schools in Dubai

Special Needs Centres in Dubai: Dubai government has always supported education for people with Special Needs, it is the schools for children with Special Needs that have been providing education and raising awareness of Autism and Special Needs among children. Since most schools for special needs children are self-funded and have to pay to hire professionals like special trainers, teachers for specific activities, here seats are quite limited and fees are normally charged.

These mainstream Special Needs Centres in Dubai have also begun accepting children with special needs, though you may have to provide or pay for a teacher to help your child with lessons and to develop his strength and skills to overcome his disabilities. You will need to check with individual schools for this option.

Tender Hearts – Enhancing Skills of Kids with Special Abilities.

Special Needs Centres in Dubai

Clinical Studies show that sports and recreation programs can help children establish lifelong, healthy, physical activity patterns. Regular physical activity can ward off life-threatening diseases, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, help control weight and obesity, build and maintain healthy body and mind.

Special Needs Centres in Dubai

concept grew from the experiences, observations and aspirations of parents, families and friends of children with special needs who wish for their children the joy, discovery, laughter and friendships that are the hallmarks of healthy childhood. Availability of specific recreational and life skill developmental programs is limited in UAE and other Gulf Nations. The children’s enthusiasm for such activities knows no bounds. Children will be engaged in a dazzling array of after school and weekend activities like dance and music lessons,creative art, drama classes and sports. These activities form an essential part of the development of imagination, confidence, physical and emotional well being of the self. They promote independence, respect, responsibility and self-esteem.

“Millions of geniuses live without discovering their talents.Don’t join the millions ,be unique and discover your hidden talent”


    • Provide and develop reliable, affordable and quality kids activities before and after school.
    • Provide happy, secure and friendly environment for special kids rich in variety of rewarding and carefully planned experiences so that children learn, play, achieve and have fun.
    • Increase participation in sports and recreation programs.
    • Provide access to life skill training with an ultimate aim of placing them in relevant fields.
    • Bring awareness of Tender Hearts services and programs to families with special needs children.

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