10 things that Special Needs Mom should be good at

Raising a Special needs child with any disorder condition is both a blessing and a challenge. This would be an unplanned journey to the Special Needs Children Mom out there. Here are the few things for a special need mom to be good at.

Special Needs Children Mom

Special Needs Children Mom should be good at:


Special needs children are wonderful to be around, but they also have limitations. As a mom, you should be ready to accept these limitations and also help your child to find ways to overcome them. Once you accept that your child will be different, not better or worse, just different that’s the first step.


Special needs children have a variety of requirements. It is important for moms to be innovative when it comes with everything on their daily basis from food, activities like sports, books, movies, etc. so that they are constantly stimulated.


It is important for a special need mom to be patient. Special needs children mom can have difficulty in following instructions and remaining on task. You can help the child focus on a task by sitting down with them and laying out the instructions for an activity or a task slowly and clearly.


You, as a mom, should be willing to listen to whatever your special needs children speak, In order to boost their confidence and give them time to express their opinions. Children should feel comfortable to approach you at all times.


Parents are the child’s first friends and it is necessary for you to be encouraged. Encourage your special need child to try new things, but most importantly to keep trying even when they want to give up or turn out to be not so good at something when they first try it out.


There are moments when you wonder if anyone will understand or get what it is like to walk in your shoes. There will be times when well meaning people will ask ignorant questions about your child or her disability, they may make hurtful comments or fail to recognize. You don’t get angry, you don’t yell. Instead, you smile, answer their questions politely and you educate them in a gentle manner and thank them for their concerns. You must stand up for your child and be able to overcome difficulties.

Staying attuned

As a special need mom, you must synchronize your internal feelings with that of your child. This usually happens without speech and takes place through gaze and touch, that is you need to get in touch with your child’s emotions and behavior.

Being Flexible

There might be sudden changes in a plan when you are a mom with a child with special needs. For example, you decide to go to a restaurant and then your child starts yelling or being uncomfortable because of the noise, surrounding anything. In times like this, you need to be flexible and change plans depending on what works for your kid and also you.

Being Brave

As a parent of a child with special needs, you must be brave enough to endure the difficulties your child faces and make sure that your child does not feel left out from the others. For example, when you see your child at the hospital, you see a lot of tubes, and tests being taken, you need to be brave and support your child so that he or she can in turn also be brave.

Being Compassionate

You aren’t the only parent out there with a child with special needs. It’s therefore important and will also be wonderful, to be compassionate and to reach out and support other parents going through the same things. Especially those, whose children have just been diagnosed and will find it difficult to cope with the new set of needs suddenly. Be compassionate and ultimately someone else will be there for you too.

These things help special needs children mom to overcome fear and anxiety, Also helps to build a strong and healthy bond.

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