Speech Therapy for children in Dubai | Purpose of Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the method of using physical exercises, speech drills, sound practices and similar techniques to improve speech and communication skills. Speech Therapy for children in Dubai has physical disability, hearing problems, autistic spectrum disorders, dyslexia and voice disorders, require speech therapy.

Speech Therapy for children in Dubai

How do you know your child needs speech therapy? These are some of the symptoms commonly found in children who need speech or communication therapies:

Speech Therapy for children in Dubai

Some children do not have the capability, to point to things, when questioned, for example, if you ask them to show a picture of a kitty cat, they will either flip the page, or just repeat the phrase again, instead of showing the picture of the cat on the book. Other common symptoms involve, avoiding consonants in words, and talk using vowels, as well as not pronounce vowels, such as saying “coo” rather than “cow”. Many children also do not know how to respond to questions, and they answer it, by repeating part of the question, which is called as echolalia. For example, when you ask a question, whether they want milk, they respond by saying, “you want milk”. Other conditions involve, difficulty in using pronouns, as well as they also confuse gender, such as using him, instead of her. Some children do not develop or change their language on a monthly basis, as well as some of them do not obey your instructions, such as not responding to directions or prepositions.

Here are some of the prominent benefits of speech therapy:

  1. Improving self esteem

Facing difficulties in speech can make children lose confidence in themselves and might even make them a social recluse. A good therapist will help the child to express himself/herself more freely and to participate in conversations more enthusiastically. This will definitely help the child in the long run.

  1. Developing confidence in school

Many children will not have the courage to voice out their opinions freely in the class, as well as face a lot of problems in making friends, with children of their age. Some of them even get nervous or sense a feeling of panic, when their name is called out, by the teacher. These hurdles can be avoided, by addressing the problems of the kids, in a fun-filled manner, but also consider the medical factors, in a professional perspective. In this way, children become confident, and enjoy their school experience to the maximum, by making loads of friends, and explore a lot of opportunities in the face of reality.

  1. More independent individuals

Children with communication problems, often think that they are not independent, and depend on other people to understand what they are trying to say, as well as speak on their behalf. Sometimes, when they feel uncomfortable, they expect the others to protect them, when they face uneasy situations. Pediatric Speech Therapy for children in Dubai helps children grow as independent and unique individuals, and voice out their views, opinions and feelings, in a confident manner.

  1. Difficulties in speaking

Due to problems in the development of facial muscles, or swallowing, breathing and speaking problems for whatever maybe the reason, a lot of children around the world have difficulties in speaking fluently. Speech language pathologists can also help address the problems of children who have issues with swallowing or feeding. This is because, the pathologists, are well-versed with the intricate structures of the mouth, and oral cavity. They also undergo training sessions to learn more about tongue-related disorders.

  1. Express themselves better

Speech Therapy for children in Dubai, using various exercises and other techniques, help children better their speech pattern and bolster various aspects of speech. It can help children learn new words and put their gestures into phrases and sentences.

  1. Increases Interactive Activities

Children who tend to struggle with speech also find it difficult to communicate with other children and so hold themselves back from interacting with others. The highly effective methods of Speech Therapy for children in Dubai helps build their confidence and overcome their fears to form the precious bonds of friendship

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