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5 Great Games for Special Needs Children to be Active & Moving

Special Needs Children are unique but similarities exist among. Games are ideal to play which will boost the energy and recharge kids. In Tender Hearts, games will be another entertaining and crucial activity.

The fun factor will get kids up, It ensures a happy and a healthy childhood and leads to a healthy adulthood.

There are many benefits to an active lifestyle

  • Staves off obesity
  • Encourages balanced energy levels
  • Improves concentration
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Supports emotional well-being
  • Children will learn to work as a team, to cooperate and to follow directions

Playing fun games and outdoor activities beats sitting in front of a TV or video game! Here are few ideal games.

Special Needs Children

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Tender Hearts Arena

Tender Hearts Arena, is first-of-its-kind facility in UAE dedicated in providing structured recreational services to special needs children and young adults ( referred as determined one’s in the UAE ).

In line with the vision and initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai to make UAE fully inclusive and special needs friendly country by 2020, Tender Hearts Arena aims to prepare determined one’s for social inclusion through recreation.

Established in May 2015, the center provides a unique mix of recreational , behavioral, essential learning and social skills development programs under one roof.

Tender Hearts Arena, a concept grew from the experiences, observations and aspirations of parents, families and friends of children with special needs who wish for their children the joy, discovery, laughter and friendships that are the hallmarks of healthy childhood.

We at Tender Hearts are constantly working towards giving opportunities and avenues to people with special abilities to express, explore and have an insight on their own skills, talents and interests.
Most of these children have educational/healthcare facilitiies in the UAE but very less recreational opportunities. Some of these children cannot exceed academically (for various reasons) so recreation is another way to learn new things and to do productive things in life

There are variety of programs provided under safe conditions by specialized trainers such as Yoga, Martial arts, Brain gym , Sports. Creative Art, Dance Music & Theatre , Essential Life skills & Social Communication as well as Behavior modification . Children and young adults engage in customized activities based on their abilities, capacity and capabilities.

The objective is to develop the skills of determined ones by providing them with a platform where they can learn and have fun while drawing on opportunities to practice their social skills, physical aptitude and increase their motivation.
.Recreational activities not only address skill building, but is also a crucial component of personal development. Finding out that they have a special talent for singing, painting or sports etc. can open the doors to discovering their self and building their confidence

At Tender Hearts Arena we believe in recreating the life of a determined one’s by bringing their body, mind and soul together through various activities. Thus, discovering their talent and enhancing/empowering their skills so as to make them independent and responsible social beings.

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