Recreation is an essential part of every person’s physical and emotional well-being.
Tender Hearts Arena is an initiative by Arti Khazanchi and NeenaRaina with an objective to develop the skills of differently abled children by providing them with a platform where they can learn and have fun while drawing on opportunities to practice their social skills, physical apptitude and increase their motivation.

Arti is a Pharma professional with about 12 years of experience in product and marketing.With her own experiential observations and the passion to contribute to society she feels that differently abled children can be encouraged to live a life full of dignity and self-belief by providing them with the appropriate resources and opportunities to learn and realize their potential.

Arti firmly believes that there is a need to create more acceptance in the society for the differently abled, they have the extraordinary ability and subdued willingness to become the pillars of this growing world. Her aim with Tender Hearts Arena is to enable these children to express their strengths and feelings and create their special place in this world. Arti believes that children hold the key to the happiness and that’s what life is really about.

Having worked for Advertising agencies and a world-class film production house, Neena has about 19 years experience as a media professional across India,Indonesia and Malaysia. Neena devoted her life to the cause of differently abled children after seeing the effect her support had on her eldest son who is also differently abled. She has pushed his capabilities and this has resulted in him being well rounded with a flair for singing.

Her aim with Tender Hearts Arena is to uphold her belief that by encouraging those with a special need, they will perform extraordinary things and exceed expectations. Through this venture, Neena looks to strengthen each child’s potential.