Is it necessary to join My Child in Special Needs School?

Special Needs School: There will come a time when many children face difficulties at school either academically, socially or emotionally, Which may affect your child’s performance in all aspects. Parents should notice what actually is bothering their children while learning.

Special Needs School

What is Special Education ?

Special education refers to education for those students who will not be able to compete in a general education classroom setting, Who are delayed mentally, physically, emotionally. Sometimes, students with existing disabilities like autism may work with a special aide in the classroom so that all work can be mainstreamed.

Special Needs School

Parents are often very worried about if it is best for their child with special needs to attend a general school or a special school. During their school life, children may transfer from one setting to another as they get older or as their changing needs, strengths or abilities emerge. For this, it may be helpful to think about what setting is best suited to child’s needs and the quality of education that can be provided for your child within this setting.

Tender Hearts Arena  is a special needs school which is completely dedicated to the education of children with special needs and their families. The main goal of Tender Hearts Arena special need school is to help every student shine.

How do we work?

We provide excellent facilities and overall quality education to the children. Tender Hearts Arena develops reliable, affordable and quality activities before and after school. Based on child’s disability, Teaching methods can include individualized instruction, problem-solving assignments and small-group work activities. In Tender Hearts Arena children will be engaged in a dazzling array of activities like dance and music lessons,creative art, drama classes, yoga, social communication, life skills and sports. These activities form an essential part of the development of imagination, confidence, physical and emotional well being of the self. They promote independence, respect, responsibility and self-esteem. Special education teachers see when students need special accommodations in order to take a test. Tender Hearts teachers and volunteers  work closely with parents to inform them of their child’s progress and suggest techniques to encourage learning at home. Tender Hearts actively conducts holiday camps. Children in these camps work and play in small groups appropriate for their age. Social development maximizes their positive experience during group games, cooperative play, and teamwork.

The mission of Special needs schools is to meet the educational, developmental, social, and emotional needs of individuals with multiple disabilities. Every effort made by special needs school is to work in close collaboration with children at every stage.

It is always useful to visit the schools that have places available for your child. Most special needs schools would work towards developing your children’s abilities to function and learn within their environments, that is, home, school, and also the community and to build maximum independence and participation in the same. Special Needs school would definitely help them in the long run.

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